Smart Drive MX2 +

Revolutionary and phenomenal

Smart Drive MX2 can be used for normal traffic and plane land but facilitates above all the tougher surfaces or hilly terrain.  On the wrist is a wristband that communicates with the Smart Drive.  Smart Drive will get you an assistive power corresponding to the force you applies to the push rim. The harder you shoot at the faster it goes.

The assistive power continues to the next push or till you brake. If you brake, the wristband scans that you want to stop and turn off the driving force. The technology is tested and approved according to the European applicable requirements.  Smart Drive MX2 is safe to use, but moreover, fun to drive!

The Li-ion batteries are categorised as dangerous goods in accordance with IATA’s regulations. Generally, (with suitable class II packaging), there is no problem taking this battery on board the aircraft. The user should contact the airline before travelling or purchasing tickets. The certificate for the Li-ion battery can be found on Decon’s website.



SmartDrive reduces the number of repetitive push-ups that you make every day by taking over the operation when you started. It does not do the whole job, so you still get plenty of exercise. It just looks like you do not have to push too much.

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Range (flat surface/no resistance)

19,8 km

Maximum speed (flat surface)

Adjustable, factory setting 6 km/h

Maximum speed (6° slope)

Adjustable, factory setting 6 km/h

Maximum acceleration

Adjustable up to 0.6 m/s2

Motor power

250 W

Motor voltage

36 V

Operating temperature

−25 °C till 50 °C

Total weight

6,1 kg

User weight

150 kg

Contains Bluetooth® LE


Supplied battery type

Lithium ion (lithium ion-phosphate)

Nominal operating voltage

36 V


3,4 Ah

What do I get when I order a Smart Drive

One drive unit that fits 22", 24", 25" or 26" wheelchairs

Smart Bluetooth wristband

Battery charger

Mounting bracket to match wheel size and tube diameter

English manual

Two-year warranty for Smart Drive

One-year warranty on batteries

Checklist when ordering

Is your wheelchair tyre size: 22", 24", 25" or 26"?

If you are ordering a Smart Drive for active wheelchairs, please inform us of the correct adapter bracket when ordering. The item number can be found to the right of this text.

Read PDF for more detailed information about product.